Hi, and welcome to my humble fanlistings collective ! Actually, I owned 15 fanlistings. Personnaly, I run fanlistings simply because I find that funny and useless hu. It's why I like that. But although it is unless, I'm proud to run some fanlistings. My superficial side ! I'm french, you know. It's not a big lack I hope but sometimes my english is quite particular ! Thanks for your patience... It's all I think... Hope you like my "work", enjoy your stay !        Louise
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May 25, 2006
I wish you a very, very good year. So what's new ? I've canceled some fanlistings because I've no time to take care of all this fanlistings so I've canceled the fanlistings I like the less.
Canceled :
- the 'Blood makes noise' fanlisting (song of Suzanne Vega),
- the 'I love rock'n roll' fanlisting (song of Joan Jett),
- the Puss in Boots fanlistings (character form the movie Shrek 2, which was unofficial),
- the Vermeer fanlisting (character from the book or movie : Girl with a pearl earring),
- the Rain man fanlisting (character of the movie),
- the No Doubt song adoption
- the Rounders fanlisting (movie)...
I think it's all, the others, I like too much to cancel them...
By the way, I changed the layout, this is right now John Frusciante with his ribbon, in the clip 'Give it away' ! A good guy. Have a nice day...

September 10, 2005

one new fanlisting : for Hubert Selby Jr., a marvellous author. I also changed the layout for the "Don't Let Me Be Missunderstood" song fanlisting !

August 11, 2005
Hello little squirrels, are you lost ? Well, even so a new layout with the fabulous, amazing, genius, funky, crazy, delirious (etc.) Red Hot Chili Peppers, my personnal gods. Hope you like it ! :) By the way, I'm investigating for affiliates, so if you have a feeling you have the same taste, email me ! Also I changed the layout for the Arthur Rackham fanlisting ! Always the same cause : the old was awful... Have a nice day !

May 08, 2005 one new fanlisting : The Flea fanlisting, for the bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

May 04, 2005 La fanlisting de La CitÚ de la Peur, un film culte franšais.