~ Rules ~

1) You have to be a fan of Cure of
course !
2) You must have a valid e-mail
address so I can contact you if something changes on the site.
3) Please tell me your country when joining. That's one of the points of making a fanlisting.
4) no porn site or xenophobic website...
5) You don't have to have a website to join but if you do, please link back to this site with an image or just a text link. You can link me at:
6) Do not direct link the codes! If you do i will not state your url in the memberslist.
7) Put the code up before you join and place it where it's easily found.
8) Please give me your real forename or a decent nickname. and do not write like this: Sk8EuZ. that's annoying and really not that cool like some people think...

Ok? So grab a code and go join ! :D
Thanks !