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Louise Lullaby France (w)
02 Eeva Pictures Of You Finland (w)
03 Juliet Love Song England (w)
04 Andy Open Hungary (w)
05 Ben Drowning Man England (w)
06 Roni End  USA (w)
07 Erika Love Song USA
08 Sondre The Hanging Garden Norway (w)
09 Leanne Friday I'm In Love USA
10 Viivi Lullaby Finland (w)
11 Akkie The Figurehead The Netherlands
12 Morgan Lovesong USA (w)
13 Sari Just Like Heaven Spain (w)
14 Eliene Disintegration Finland (w)
15 Kreckle Boys Don't Cry USA
16 Cristina A Forest USA (w)
17 Lady Penguin Lullaby USA (w)
18 Annika Friday I'm In Love Germany
19 Staci Low Never Enough Trinidad & Tobago (w)
20 Booboo Friday I'm In Love USA
21 Juleeanne High USA
22 Baty The Lovecats USA (w)
23 Nightfall Love Cats/End of the World USA (w)
24 Kinu Charlotte Sometimes Brazil (w)
25 StiLa Pictures Of you Italya
26 Hilde Fascination Street the Netherlands (w)
27 Beatrice Disintegration Italy
28 Kerra A Night Like This USA (w)
29 Caitlin Just Like Heaven USA (w)
30 Becca Pictures Of You USA (w)
31 Wewe Slovakia
32 Sanne Pictures Of You Holland (w)
33 Karusa The End Of The World Mexico (w)
34 Ada Lovesong etc  USA (w)
35 Kristina all  Austria (w)
36 Mollen The Lovecats USA (w)
37 RakiValo Friday I'm In Love Spain
38 Evelyn Love Song Belgium (w)
39 Danielle all Canada
40 Sadie Stardust The Lovecats, etc Russia (w)
41 Marcella Pictures Of You Netherlands
42 Eliamar Boys Don't Cry Brazil (w)
43 Jacey End Of The World Australia
44 Xsaty Just Like Heaven Italy
45 Amanda Boys Don't Cry Sweden (w)
46 Amy Lovecats Australia (w)
47 Asa From the Edge of The Deep Green Sea USA
48 Judy Villicana Close To Me
49 Kry Lullaby Australia
50 Diana all  Brazil (w)
51 Camille Lovecats France
52 Siahmes One Hundred Years France (w)
53 Gwenlys The Lovecats Germany (w)
54 Sandra Watching me fall Germany (w)
55 Maymay A Forest Brazil (w)
56 Janne Secrets Finland (w)
57 Nina Siamese Twins Finland
58 Ann Marosy Let's Go To Bed USA
59 Sam Lullaby Canada
60 Mona Jupiter Crash, Why Can't I Be You? Finland  (w)
61 Marianne The Lovecats Canada
62 Renée Marie Lovesong Lovecats USA (w)
63 Eve Lullaby Finland
64 Hedvig all Sweden
65 Nilüfer Homesick Turkey
66 Erik Ingalls Push from Head on the Door USA
67 Lavinia Jupiter Crash & Charlotte Sometimes Italy (w)
68 Rayana In Between Days Brazil (w)
69 Sofia Boys Don't Cry Finland (w)
70 Buntstiftsuechtig Cut Germany (w)
71 Erik Ingalls Hanging Garden USA
72 Sooda Out Of This World Canada
73 Daniela Boys Don´t Cry Colombia
74 Iida all Finland
75 Jenni Bean How Beautiful You Are USA
76 Aïda Strange Day Spain
77 Ariadna Same Deep Water As You Australia
78 Amy One Hundred Years New Zealand
79 Kyndra Doing the Unstuck USA
80 Heidi Love Song USA (w)
81 Maru The Lovecats Belgium
82 Pauliina Inbetween days Finland (w)
83 MomoNeko 100 years Peru
84 Caria Just Like Heaven Peru Poland (w)
85 --an elaborate dream-- Italy